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The Student Clothes Closet

NOTE: The clothes closet will be closed for donations from May 6 until the 2019-2020 school year begins in September. Thank you for your support!

Williamson College of the Trades provides a three-year, post-secondary trade education to financially deserving young men. Each scholarship awarded includes tuition, room, meals and books for three years. In return, students agree to adhere to Williamson’s values-based curriculum, as well as participate in the maintenance and daily operations of the campus, keeping Williamson’s costs to a minimal compared with other institutions of higher learning.

A Williamson education is unique as students are required to attend 6:45 a.m. lineup and inspection, followed by mandatory chapel service daily. After a full day of academic courses and trade-related instruction, each student must retire to his dormitory room by 10:00 p.m. A critical aspect of this rigorous curriculum is the college’s dress code. Students must report for chapel, academic classes and meals wearing a sport coat, dress slacks, dress shirt, tie and polished dress shoes.

Generally, Williamson students come from families who cannot afford the tuition costs at other post graduate institutions. In addition, the rigorous schedule they must follow at Williamson limits opportunity for part-time employment. These factors often create financial difficulties for students in meeting the college’s required dress code.

To meet this need, Williamson has made donated clothing available to students on an as-needed basis through what has become known as the Clothes Closet. In recent years, this program has grown from a small collection of used clothing into a well-used men’s clothing shop. Here we provide sport coats, suits, slacks, socks, ties, belts, shoes, and coats of all styles, sizes and for all kinds of weather.

The program’s success can be attributed to a generous grant from The Hoxie Harrison Smith Foundation and the dedication of faithful volunteers and volunteer project manager, who accepts and solicits donations from alumni and friends of Williamson. The volunteer team works faithfully to sort, iron, and tag all incoming clothing. (Minor mending is also provided in the Clothes Closet). The clothes are then made available to our students at no cost to them on a first come first serve basis. The Clothes Closet is open for business every Monday during the school year.

We are grateful to all those who care for the needs of our students through donations to the Clothes Closet. We appreciate all items that are clean and ready for our students to use and enjoy, as our budget is very limited for dry cleaning and other expenses. Thank you for your support of the Williamson Clothes Closet! There wouldn’t be one without you!


When donating items to the Clothes Closet, please be cognizant out our unique needs. Please do not donate clothes with stains, tears, missing buttons or worn collars, advertising, or marketing logos. We would appreciate that the donations are laundered and preferably on hangars.

We focus on collecting business and work attire to include:

  • Sports coats and suits (not exclusively size 42 and under, however this is our greatest need)
  • Dress pants, especially dark colors or tan khaki (not exclusively waist 34 and under, but this is our greatest need)
  • Dress shirts (all sizes)
  • Ties
  • Shoes and Work Boots
  • Belts
  • Work pants (Dickies)
  • Jackets, gloves, hats and scarfs
  • Sweaters and vests
  • New underwear and socks

While we appreciate your support, please note that the students look best in traditional, not outdated styles.