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Williamson’s Energy Island Project

Preparing Graduates for Critical Positions in 21st Century Power Generation

Energy Island Mission

The overall goal and first priority of the project is to improve the education provided to the Power Plant Technology students and better prepare them for entry into the workforce. The strength of Williamson Power Plant Technology graduates of the past has been their hands-on practical skills and capability to solve problems. The primary intent of the Energy Island Project is to reinforce these core competencies.

  • Maximize safety
  • Provide the highest instructional value
  • Ensure our graduates are best prepared to enter industry
  • Modernize facilities
  • Include relevant power generation technologies for the foreseeable future
  • Provide reliable power generation for campus
  • Reduce fossil fuel consumption by improving efficiency
  • Reduce annual energy costs
  • Fit existing building architectural appearance
  • Use funds wisely in a frugal manner as Isaiah Williamson would do
  • Restore hands-on power generation experience that builds responsibility, expertise and confidence
  • Apply academic principles from the classroom to true-to-life plant experience
  • Improve on the well-established real-life leadership and management skills training for operations and maintenance
  • Learn and work in modern labs that duplicate on-the-job conditions
  • Experience a wider variety of fuel and generation sources and current state of the art digital controls
  • Learn and practice energy economics in power generation by utilizing several fuels and including renewable power options
  • Learn how to maintain as well as operate modern power equipment
  • Combine local internships in nuclear, fossil and hydro power generation with a campus-based living laboratory that replicates full-scale power plants

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Future Upgrades

The creation of Williamson’s Energy Island continues to move forward with some additions taking place soon and others in the near future. The upgrades include:

Condensing Turbine
A new Condensing Turbine, Generator, and Control Panel, have been purchased and are in storage in the power plant awaiting installation over the summer. This low pressure (15 psi) turbine will produce hot cooling water that will provide heat to the shops instead of using heat exchangers as we do now.

The Distributed Control System
In the near future, Williamson will get a Distributed Control System (DCS) which will bring more data into the control room for students to analyze and trend in a way that is similar to what industry uses, giving students valuable experience.

Thermal Storage System
Williamson is contracting with engineers at Miller-Remick LLC to design a Thermal Storage System for the condensing turbine.

Solar Array
The Solar Array installed on the roof of the Restall Sports Center with the help of power plant technology students during the winter will soon be in service after it is commissioned. The 372 panels will soon be creating 92 kW of power. The energy they produce will not only save on Williamson’s electrical bills, but will provide the students with additional education.

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