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Event Request

Thank you for your interest in Williamson College of the Trades. If you would like to host an event on the Williamson campus, please submit your request below. Once submitted, your request will be reviewed by administration to determine if the college can support the event. Please keep in mind that Williamson is an active campus throughout the calendar year with priority given to activities and events in support of our mission.

Once reviewed, a member of the staff will contact you in regard to the submission. If you have any questions, please contact the Vice President of Operations at (610) 566-1776, extension 415 or the Provost at (610) 566-1776, extension 252.

Request an Event on Campus

Contact Information

Event Information

Facility Rates

  • Athletic Turf Field: $100/hour (additional $20/hour will be assessed for field lights)
  • Practice Fields: $50/hour
  • Restall Gymnasium: $80/hour
  • Dining Room: $100/hour
  • Chapel, Sabia Garden, Classroom, or Conference Room: $40/hour

Security Deposit: $100 single use; $500 multi-use/seasonal use

Facilities/Grounds Use Agreement

Williamson College of the Trades directs that under the provision of this agreement that the following regulations and policies shall apply to the temporary use of any college facilities or property:

  1. The College reserves the right to make final determination as to facility availability and rental fees. The use of any College facility or property shall be restricted to the purpose for which an application has been approved. Williamson reserves the right to restrict and/or supervise the use of its facilities or property to ensure compliance with an agreement.
  2. The College shall have first priority on the use of all facilities and grounds and reserves the right with advance notification to interrupt the established schedule in the event that school activities or events require the use of the specified facility or property.
  3. An applicant agrees to provide the College upon submission of this request a Certificate of Insurance Liability for $1,000,000 coverage.
  4. An applicant, for (himself/herself) and on behalf of the requesting organization and members, to include its heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, does hereby fully and forever release, acquit, and discharge Williamson officers, agents, employees, and assigns of and from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, loss, damage, expense, right or cause of action of whatever kind or nature, (specifically including, without limitation, such claims caused by or arising out of the above described entity or person’s negligence or fault) and including, without limitation, all claims, demands, liabilities, loss, damage, expense, right or cause of action for personal injury, death, or damage to any personal property. In signing an agreement, an applicant will acknowledge that they are aware of and understand the provision of this agreement.
  5. As required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Act 168, private and non-profit organizations are required to maintain current records documenting all employment history reviews and clearances of their employees and volunteers. An applicant through their signature of an agreement certifies that their organization is in compliance with Act 168.
  6. An applicant, as a representative of their organization, agrees to reimburse the College for any and all damages to facilities or property, to include those caused by any participants or spectators.
  7. The use of all tobacco products (including vaping) or the possession or use of intoxicating beverages or liquor on the premises of the College is prohibited. Failure to comply with this stipulation by organizational members or spectators may result in an immediate termination of an agreement and forfeiture of an applicant’s security deposit.
  8. The designated College facilities/grounds and surrounding areas shall be kept free of all refuse and litter, which should be deposited in trash containers provided by the College. Failure to comply with this stipulation may result in forfeiture of an applicant’s security deposit.
  9. Disorderly conduct is prohibited on College property at all times. Applicants are responsible for all spectators as well as participants. Williamson expects good sportsmanship and good neighbor practices as essential to maintaining a positive relationship and retaining the ability to secure a permit.
  10. Parking of motor vehicles shall be limited to the paved parking areas and is not allowed on lawns or unpaved grounds. The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour.
  11. Alterations, changes, or modifications to College facilities or equipment shall not be made without the express approval of the Vice President of Plans and Operations, or his representative.
  12. Complaints about College facilities or property requiring immediate attention, repair or correction should be delivered promptly to the Vice President of Plans and Operations or his representative.
  13. Violation of the policies stipulated above will constitute a breach of an agreement and result in an immediate termination of all privileges granted herein.