Williamson Helps Hort Student ‘Grow’ Career Opportunities

2020-02-19T15:54:45+00:00 February 18th, 2020|

Living on a rural pastor’s salary required the Johnsons, a family of 10 children, to watch their pennies. They lived simply in the church parsonage. Their son Joshua understood his family had no money for extras. “We had everything we needed,” Josh recalls, “but there were never many Christmas presents. I always wore hand-me-downs.” So, [...]

Machine Shop Senior is Williamson’s Very Own ‘Renaissance Student’

2020-02-18T16:06:07+00:00 February 10th, 2020|

Senior Machinist Joseph Galbraith comes from a long line of educators. His parents, grandparents, and “too-many-to-name” aunts and uncles all held degrees. But when Joe finished his high school studies, he felt his own education was out of reach. His parents were struggling to raise five kids on one salary and couldn’t afford tuition. Williamson [...]

Williamson Helps Aigars Panzer Keep His Promise

2020-01-27T11:53:58+00:00 January 15th, 2020|

Aigars Panzer made a promise to his birth mother when she visited him in an orphanage in the Eastern European country of Latvia. Days before, he had considered running away, but now he vowed to her that he would always take care of his brothers. That commitment to his brothers endured through their adoption and [...]

Torres’ Life Mirrors His ‘Miracle Spiral Staircase’ With No Center Support Beam

2020-01-27T11:55:02+00:00 January 2nd, 2020|

For several months, Luis Torres has been building a spiral staircase with no center support beam. The project is difficult and when he looks at it he gets a strong feeling of pride. Maybe this is because he sees the similarities between his staircase project and his own life — both are going very well [...]