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Painter Triumphs after Challenging Senior Year

2020-06-25T09:31:53+00:00 June 19th, 2020|

Painting and sandblasting crude oil tanks at 35 feet in the air is not what James Moorhead ever imagined he would be doing. But McDermott International recruited this Paint and Coatings student for the job, trusting him with such highly specialized work. The summer internship Jimmy got through Williamson Career Services presented him with [...]

Assistant to the College Chaplain

2020-06-12T16:49:46+00:00 June 12th, 2020|

Position Description: The primary responsibility of the position is to support the Chaplaincy office in guiding the moral and religious training program on the Williamson campus. The Assistant Chaplain will assist in the primary vehicle of presenting faith and spiritual values in the daily nondenominational chapel service from a Judeo – Christian foundation. The Assistant [...]

Admissions Counselor

2020-06-30T22:19:03+00:00 June 9th, 2020|

Under the supervision of the VP of Enrollment Management (VPEM), the Admissions Counselor (AC) assists in the recruitment of students through the establishment of professional relationships and networks, initiating campaigns and actions to encourage students to attend the college, and developing techniques and materials to innovatively share the mission and opportunity available at Williamson College [...]

Wrightson and Tomlinson ’75 Announce Their Retirements

2020-06-08T17:06:39+00:00 June 8th, 2020|

Vice President of Education Samuel Wrightson Jr., Ph.D., and Glenn Tomlinson 7W5, director of paint and coatings technology, have announced their retirements from Williamson, announced President Michael Rounds. Tomlinson retired May 30 and Wrightson retires June 30. Wrightson, who began at Williamson in 2015, said “When I was at the West Point Prep School and [...]

A Student’s Dreams of Success and Service

2020-06-15T12:21:50+00:00 June 4th, 2020|

When Jeremy Gannon’s stepfather died suddenly, his mother went to work as a bartender, one of several jobs she took in order to provide for her family. Then a high school student, Jeremy stepped up to care for his four younger siblings, the youngest still a baby. At Williamson, Jeremy would have a community that [...]

Class of 2W0 Graduates With ‘Drive-Through’ Ceremony

2020-06-02T14:08:52+00:00 June 2nd, 2020|

There was no tent, stage, caps and gowns, or family members sitting in attendance. But while many colleges across the country held virtual commencements, or no commencements, Williamson College of the Trades held a “Drive-In” Commencement. On Friday, May 29, 72 of the 74 members of the Class of 2W0, wearing face masks and observing [...]

Williamson Empowers Student with a Successful Future

2020-06-02T13:42:06+00:00 May 20th, 2020|

George Bradley moved in and out of schools frequently in his young life. His mother, who worked temp jobs to support the family, took him and his brother to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina. The constant disruption challenged George academically. George would find stability and academic achievement in his three years at Williamson. He [...]

2W0 Graduation Ceremony

2020-05-29T14:05:56+00:00 May 15th, 2020|

LIVE STREAM broadcast: Williamson College of the Trades is holding its 2020 Graduation ceremony via Live Stream video at 2:00 PM, Friday, May 29, to honor the accomplishments of the Class of 2W0. The modified event will be in full compliance with Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 safety requirements to protect the students, faculty, and staff. All are [...]

The Support of a Williamson Brotherhood

2020-05-20T11:34:08+00:00 May 8th, 2020|

Senior Carpenter Jean Obispo never knew his father who died when he was two years old. Helping to fill that void was a close circle of friends and faculty at Williamson, who have supported and encouraged him to succeed as a young man and a tradesman. Williamson also stepped up by providing Jean a safe [...]

Williamson Prepares Class Officer for Unexpected Challenges

2020-05-04T14:33:29+00:00 April 28th, 2020|

April 28, 2020 It’s an extraordinary and challenging time to be Senior Class President at Williamson. Students are living at home, while going online for class and shop amid the coronavirus pandemic. Adjusting to the new normal, student leader Christopher Thomas teleconferences with President Michael Rounds and face-times with his fellow officers, talking about alternatives [...]