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Application Portals

  • CANVAS: Williamson’s Learning Management System

    • Course Information, Syllabus, and Materials
    • Course Assignments
    • Course Gradebook
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  • Blackbaud–My Campus: Williamson’s Student Information System

    • College Policies and Publications
    • Student Billing and Account Information
    • Student Transcripts
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  • iGrad: Student and Graduate Money Management Application

    • Personal Money Management Application
    • Inclusive Application and Subject Content Focused on Today to Career & Family Management to Retirement
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  • You at College – Williamson College of the Trades:

    • Pathway that connects you to personalized resources to help you make the most of your college experience.
    • Provide invaluable tools aiding in academic and career success, well being and a sense of connection to the College and beyond
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