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Alumni Relations

For over 130 years, Williamson College of the Trades has produced graduates who have served their communities as respected leaders and productive members of society. Today, our alumni community is over 3,000 strong and continues to exemplify the core values of the college: Faith, Integrity, Diligence, Excellence, and Service.

Williamson alumni are vital to the growth and vitality of the college. The Alumni Office is pleased to offer alumni opportunities to be active members of the community through a variety of events and volunteer opportunities. Your involvement enhances our students’ educational experience and makes our community stronger.

To learn more, or to suggest new events or volunteer opportunities, please contact Laura Brown, Director of Alumni Relations. Call 610-566-1776, ext. 420 or email

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Tradesmen Connect is a grassroots online community powered by Williamson community members. This online platform offers members to opportunity to connect with each other, grow professional networks, and open doors to new opportunities. Tradesmen Connect is a 100% FREE service POWERED by Williamson alumni participation. Join today.

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