Fall Career Fair is Huge Success

The 2-day fall Career Fair was a huge success with 136 companies attending, all eager to hire Williamson’s seniors for full-time employment and freshmen and juniors for summer internships, said Margaret “Weemie” Kingham, director of placement and fair coordinator.

“All of our trades were well represented with companies hoping to fill positions,” Kingham said. “Even though our Electrical Program has just begun, there were several electrical companies in attendance, creating connections with our freshmen in that program.”

Kingham pointed out that the major purpose of the fall Career Fair is to have the seniors touch base with several companies they might like to work for so they can research those companies and set up interviews; underclassmen can look for summer internships and begin to get a feel for the many employment possibilities that are out there for them.

“The fairs let freshmen see that their three years of hard work at Williamson will pay off after graduation with gainful employment. They also get a feel for what companies are looking for in their employees and get practice speaking with employers.”

There were many alumni representing companies – about 40 the first day and 30 the second. Several had not been back on campus in over 20 years. There also were about 40 new companies that had not participated in a Williamson career fair before. “This is a great way to get our alumni reconnected with their alma mater,” she said. “And, our students feel comfortable talking to a graduate and it allows them to see where a Williamson diploma can lead.”

Kingham said the success of the Career Fair was due to the hard work and support of many Williamson faculty and staff, up to the chairman of the board of trustees, William Bonenberger 7W9, and President Michael Rounds.

March 2023 Career Fair
The next Career Fair will be held Tuesday, March 7, in the new Joseph L. and Marion M. Wesley Student Center. The fair will run from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Kingham is expecting 200 vendors because the new student center is large enough to accommodate more companies.
For more information, contact Margaret Kingham, fair coordinator, at 610-566-1776, ext. 247, or mkingham@williamson.edu.

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