Shady Maple Alumni Luncheon is Biggest Success Ever!

With 17 graduating classes represented and the largest attendance ever, the Annual Alumni Luncheon at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl, PA, held on Tuesday, Oct. 11, was a huge success!

The luncheon, coordinated by Ron Richardson 5W4 and Dick Dunlap 6W5, provided a buffet lunch, a surprise comedy routine by alumnus and comedian Gordon Douglas 7W6, prizes for the alumni who traveled the farthest to attend the event, and a small gift for each alumnus from the Williamson Alumni Office.

The highlight of the program was a presentation by President Michael Rounds who shared updates on a variety of school topics including admissions and enrollment, trade program curriculum, and the status of various construction projects on campus. Large scale renderings of the projects were available for everyone to see.

Don’t miss these upcoming alumni events:
. Alumni Spring Luncheon at Williamson – April 18 at 12:00PM
. 2023 Alumni Luncheon at Shady Maple – October 10, 12:00PM

All alumni are welcome! For more information on these and other alumni events, please contact the Alumni Office at or visit the alumni events page at

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