Seniors Reach 100 Percent Participation in Stabler Challenge

The Class of 2W3 has reached 100% participation in the Senior Stabler Challenge in nearly a decade.

Since 2012, Williamson has received over $1.4 million from the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation to support the Stabler Endowed Scholarship Fund. Scholarship endowment monies fund student scholarships for Williamson’s entire student body in perpetuity and are essential to meeting the College’s educational mission. Over this time period, Williamson has responded to a charge from the Stabler Foundation to cultivate a culture of philanthropy among our student body. Through a multi-channel approach, the Office of Institutional Advancement partners with the Williamson community to educate our students on the important role philanthropy has played in the College’s 134-year history and the impact their support as future alumni will have on the next hundred years.

As part of this philanthropy education, Williamson asks every senior to consider signing the Stabler Pledge, committing to giving back to the college upon graduation. Students are encouraged to pledge, at any giving amount that is meaningful to them, to reach 100 percent participation. For the second time since the school instituted this tradition, every senior has generously pledged his commitment to supporting Williamson as alumni. The last time a senior class reached 100% participation was in 2014. The seniors engaged in a friendly shop competition to see who could reach 100 percent participation first. Each shop had one or two representatives that rallied their classmates to be the winning shop: Carpentry: Jose Santos; Horticulture: Deonte Jones; Machine Tool Technology: Richard MacMullen; Masonry: Jack Grace; and Power Plant: Aris Topalidis and Shamar Kerr. On Friday, October 21 the Advancement Office held a launch party during lunch where seniors could begin bringing their signed commitment forms down. Every senior showed up at once, resulting in a five-way tie among every shop reaching complete participation.

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