I.V. Club Induction Ceremony – Class of 2W2

The Trustees, Students, Faculty & Staff invite you to honor our I.V. Club inductees from the class of 2W2.

Please join us from the comfort of your home by watching via LIVESTREAM broadcast.

I.V. Club Induction Ceremony
Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Honoring the 2W2 I.V. Club inductees:

  • Anthony Ellis
  • Ryan Fallon
  • Vincent Marinello
  • David McCann
  • James McChesney
  • Levi McCullough
  • Raymere Stewart
  • Aaron Tallman
  • William Tilley
  • Thomas Tobin
  • Richard Torelli
  • Angel Velazquez
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