Alumni Association Presents Student Academic Achievement Awards

The Alumni Association presented ten members of the Class of 2W2 with the Student Academic Achievement Award during a special chapel on April 14.

The students honored are: Construction Technology-Carpentry: Vincent Marinello and Richard Torelli; Construction Technology-Masonry: Ryan Fallon and Tyler Coffin; Horticulture, Landscaping & Turf Management: David McCann and Elijah Laney; Machine Tool Technology: James McChesney and Aaron Tallman; and Power Plant Technology: Dennis McElhone and Thomas Tobin.

The awards go to two juniors from each shop who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

In presenting the awards, Kevin Hatch 0W8, the Association’s 2nd vice president, said “I assure you, if you concentrate on your studies and take advantage of the opportunities that Williamson presents to you, you will be thankful later on. Williamson is a true gift to us. I know you are working hard and going through the grind, but trust me, it’s worth it.”

Hatch, who is not only involved in the Alumni Association, but is also a member of the Young Alumni Advisory Council, is the 0W8 class representative and fund chair, and is on the Power Plant Technology Program’s Program Advisory Committee, said “Williamson gave me a solid foundation on which to build my life. I am forever in debt to Williamson and I look for any way I can to give back. I hope you will do the same after you graduate.”

President Michael Rounds said that normally the awards are presented off campus in a ceremony that includes dinner and guests, but this year, the 26th annual bestowing of the awards, it is being held in a special chapel to accommodate COVID safety precautions.

He said that one of the school’s core values is excellence and that we want to recognize it when we see it. “Congratulations, you have done well, you help your classmates, and you take a leadership role. Williamson is not supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be challenging and to push you out of your comfort zone and get you to achieve. I congratulate you.”

Chaplain Mark Specht 7W7 opened the chapel with the pledge of allegiance, a responsorial, and a prayer.

Each award recipient received a certificate and trophy.

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