3rd Annual Scholarship Celebration Provides a Thank You to Sponsors

The benefactors who have provided annual and endowed scholarships to Williamson students were recognized for their support during the 3rd Annual Scholarship Celebration in the Clara Schrenk Memorial Chapel recently.

In keeping with COVID safety precautions, the event was livestreamed. Present in the chapel were the students who received the scholarships and the speakers, except for the keynote speaker Trustee Michael Piotrowicz, founder and CEO of Legacy Advisors, LLC, whose talk was prerecorded.

Piotrowicz, Williamson’s longest-serving trustee, said, “On behalf of the board of trustees, I say thank you to our donors for your support of our scholarship program and thank you to our students who receive these scholarships. They are hard-working young men who do a great job and are going to make us proud when they become Williamson graduates.”

He explained that the long-term goal of the scholarship program is to add $55 million to the endowment, the amount that is needed to fully support the educational program.

“As it is now, we have a shortage of $2.5 million each year that we need to raise to fund full scholarships for each student who will have the opportunity of an exceptional education and graduate as great Williamson Men.”

He said the scholarship program was established with a 2-prong approach. The first is to create an endowed scholarship to support a student in perpetuity. This is our $55 million objective. The second is a program for annual scholarships. This year we need to raise $2.5 million for annual scholarship funding.

“We established the Legacy Society, comprised of donors who give an endowment gift of $500,000 or make a commitment of $25,000 for the balance of their lifetime with an endowed gift upon their death of $500,000. To date, our Legacy Society is 20 members strong. I thank all of you who have made the commitment to be Legacy Society members. My wife, Pam, and I are proud members of the Legacy Society. ”

The program opened with an invocation by Chaplain Mark Specht 7W7 who also closed it with a benediction.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Michelle Williams, vice president of academic affairs/chief academic officer, said “Each year, 100 young men enter Williamson as members of the freshman class. At Williamson, they receive an academic, trade, and technical education and live and learn in a moral and ethical environment that fosters the core values.

“We are grateful for the support of our donors that make this possible. Because of your generosity, our mission continues to be made possible. Let us celebrate both the donors and the students. Thank you donors and thank you students.”

In his student remarks, Aaron Tallman 2W2, vice president of the junior class and the recipient of the Henry M. Rowan Family Scholarship, said “I want to begin by thanking the scholarship donors. I come from a long line of blue collar men and women. I’ve been told to never rely on anything but my own work ethic to make my own living. So far in my life, I’m a leader in my class, an officer in my volunteer fire department, and have a place of responsibility in my workplace. I push myself to always work hard. It was never easy and sometimes it wasn’t fun, but what I learned since I graduated from high school and came to Williamson is that life will reward the one who makes the effort. Williamson is a place that has helped me grow even more as a man. I give a special thank you to the scholarship donors. Your support gives young men such as myself the chance to better ourselves. I thank you for committing your support for my future and for having the same mentality of philanthropy that Isaiah Williamson once did.”

In his remarks, President Michael Rounds said “Welcome to our third annual Scholarship Celebration event. This year is a little different than what we’ve done in the past, but we are going to make the best of it and look forward to next year when we can be face-to-face and have a nice dinner.”

After the viewing of a prerecording of the Artisans singing the alma mater, the scholarship recipients and donors connected with each other in virtual chat rooms.  

We wish to express our gratitude to all our Scholarship Donors, as listed below, and welcome you to join this program to personally support a Williamson student. For more information, please contact Arlene Snyder, vice president for institutional advancement, at 610-566-1776, x246, or asnyder@williamson.edu.

Legacy Society Members


Joan J. & Wilbert D. Abele

Cecilia Ashton† & Edwin C. Ashton 3W9†

Janet L. & William J. Bonenberger 7W9

Elizabeth Burke & Franklin A. Burke†

Scott F. DeWire 8W2†

Charles J. Fisher Sr. 4W1†

Bernadette & John C. Heenan*

Natalie A.W. Leaf Trust

Marguerite Lenfest & H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest†

Lawrence J. Lipp 19W17†

Dorothy R. Miller† & Harry W. Miller 3W6†

John E. Morgan Foundation*

Pamela K. & Michael T. Piotrowicz

Marianne Restall Trust

Lee Rowan & Henry M. Rowan†

Henry M. Rowan Family Foundation

The Donald B. & Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation

Drs. Josephine J. Templeton† & John M. Templeton Jr.†

Marion M. & Joseph L. Wesley Sr.*

2020-2021 Annual Scholarship Donors

Air Products

Andrew M. Kronfeld

C.W. & Marjorie Schrenk Family Foundation

Charles William “Chip” Huntoon Memorial Scholarship

Deron Keiter 8W6*

Gene Haas Foundation

Give Something Back Foundation

Henry Dunlap Trust

Louis J. Vastardis

Louis Fiske Memorial Fund

Monroe Energy


Quest for the Best Foundation*

Robert J. Pellegrino 9W8 in honor of Ian Murta 9W8

The Maguire Foundation

Tim and Diane Crow

W.W. Smith Charitable Trust

† = Deceased

* = New Member

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