28 Students Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Twenty-eight students were inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society in the Clara Schrenk Memorial Chapel recently. In keeping with COVID safety measures, the ceremony was livestreamed with only the inductees in attendance, those taking part in the ceremony, and a handful of guests.

The seniors are: Adrian Alicea, Joshua Baldinger, Jack Becker, Jacob Berge, Barry Boyle, Jason Dzedzy, Conor Gospodarek, Hunter Killinen, Anthony Marascio, and Colin Suter.

The juniors are: Austin Bohr, Anthony Ellis, Vincent Marinello, David McCann, James McChesney, Levi McCullough, Kyle Oreskovich, Thomas Tobin, and Anthony Umeroglu.

The freshmen are: Noah Bolllinger, Steven East, Vincent Garyantes, Jack Grace, David MacMullen, Richard McMullen, Steven Sheller, Nikolas Stamper, and Daniel Tommarelli.

In his opening remarks, President Michael Rounds said the honor society was brought to Williamson in 2018 by Dr. Samuel Wrightson, who was the vice president of education from 2015-20, and his wife Mady. “PTK was founded in 1918 to recognize academic achievement, leadership, and service at associate degree-granting colleges and has grown to be the largest honor society in the nation.”

Sean Howat, assistant chaplain, gave the invocation and then Olivia Martinez, associate vice president of academic affairs, introduced Wrightson, the keynote speaker.

Wrightson, who 30 years ago taught honor society courses, said there are three main reasons to join PTK: It demonstrates academic achievement, members are eligible to apply for academic scholarships to continue their educations, and it encourages lifelong learning.

He said, “As a PTK member, you will be recognized as a high achieving student and you will have an impact in the groups you belong to at work, your family, civic organizations, and church.”

He told the inductees they should challenge themselves to take advantage of everything they can so that they can become the best version of themselves.

At the conclusion of his remarks, Dr. Michelle Williams, vice president of academic affairs/chief academic officer, thanked him by giving him a commemorative Williamson wooden box.

Williams then said, “The induction ceremony begins now. These students have fulfilled all the requirements for membership and they have been recommended for acceptance into the Beta Chi Mu chapter of PTK.

“You are about to be inducted into a scholarly fellowship. Success does not come to you, you go to it. Membership represents wisdom, aspiration, and purity. I am honored so many of you have taken up the challenge and the call to become PTK members. You should congratulate yourselves and work diligently to remain an upstanding member of this honor society.”

Each student then signed a charter declaring them PTK members and lit a candle they were holding, symbolizing membership.

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