Two Carpentry Teams Compete to Build the Best Protective Structure

When Goldhorn Electrical Construction contractors put up exterior electrical panels to be used in the construction of the Wesley Student Center and the Strine Dorm they turned to the Carpentry Shop for assistance; they needed roofs built over the panels to protect them from the elements.

Mike Neville 0W0, director of construction technology-carpentry, came up with a good solution to the request. He would have two competing teams of three juniors each design and build the structures.

Each team was required to use mostly scrap materials, they had to use a low quantity of materials, and the materials needed to be used in the proper proportion of size to strength. The completed projects needed to be capable of lasting 1 1/2 to 2 years, withstand heavy winds and snow loads, and keep the area dry and protect the electrical panels. They also needed to have a good design and efficient construction process. Each team had one week.

Team Iron Man, working near the Grounds Buildings, was Angel Hernandez, Joe Molitor, and William Tilley. Team War Machine, working near Longstreth Dorm, was Ryan Dugan, Michael Breslin, and Pat Bond.

Neville said, “This was a great opportunity for some of our juniors to meet a need on campus, be creative, use carpentry skills, and have fun.”

At the conclusion of the project, Neville called it a tie and everyone enjoyed donuts and coffee.

Congratulations teams for showing what Williamson carpenters can do!

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