Alumni Tell Students of the Importance of Supporting Williamson

Three members of the Williamson alumni community, Joe Portz 1W5, power plant technology, Alex Wilwert 1W6, construction technology-carpentry, and Tichon Johnson 2W0, construction technology-masonry, returned to campus recently to speak to students about the importance of giving back to Williamson with time, talent, and treasure. The alumni, answering questions posed by President Michael Rounds, shared with students the various ways in which they have chosen to give back to the school and stay active within the community. The alumni panelists encouraged students to stay connected to Williamson after graduation, support the school with charitable donations, and continue to share their skills and talents with future generations of Williamson students. This presentation was part of Williamson’s larger Culture of Philanthropy program that aims to educate students on the positive impact Williamson’s donors and volunteers have on their daily student experience.

2021-03-17T10:33:12-04:00 March 17th, 2021|