“Shop Talk” – Paint & Coatings Technology

Student-written articles about current on-campus projects being completed by students.

by Vatangoe “Tangoe” Donzo 2W1

Paint shop took on the project of repairing and painting the exterior of a house on campus near Rowan Hall. First step in the process was prepping the walls of the house. We used carbide scrapers to remove any loose paint. Next, we gathered the materials needed such as ladders, paint brushes, cans and more importantly, the Pivot Ladder Tool! The pivot was an essential part in doing this project because without it, it was highly unlikely that the job would be done correctly or on time. The pivot ladder tool has many uses. It can be used to stabilize ladders on slanted roofs and uneven ground. You can also use the tool as a paint tray or shelf. Multiple pivot tools can be used as scaffolding. You could say that this tool was the MVP on the job site.

The historic paint that was used goes by the name Williamsburg. The color was a lighter more elegant tone of purple and historically accurate to the period. Using this paint not only made the house pop out more but also made it look like new. Due to the hard work of the Junior and Senior paint shop students, the job was done well and completed ahead of schedule.

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