Class of 2W3 Begins Their 1,000-Day Williamson Journey

The 101 members of the Class of 2W3 moved in today to what will be their new homes for three years as they begin their 1,000-day journey to becoming Williamson Men.

The restrictions of COVID-19 made Move-in Day a little different from past years with everyone wearing face masks, social distancing, and having their temperatures taken.

Only one parent was allowed to help their son move into their dorms and as soon as their belongings were dropped off had to leave campus.

Next, the freshmen went to chapel to hear a welcome from President Michael Rounds; COVID-19 protocol from Todd Zachary, senior vice president; and general announcements from Jay Merillat, vice president of enrollment management. Chaplain Mark Specht 7W7 opened the event with a prayer. Before leaving the chapel, each student signed a pledge saying he will follow all of the COVID-19 regulations.

The freshmen then divided into three groups for registration and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in the Restall Sports Center, Blackbaud and Canvas training in the Strine Learning Center, and orientation in their shop.

The afternoon ended with a general orientation from President Rounds and the evening included dinner, orthopedic assessments, and dormitory orientation.

Despite the changes caused by COVID-19 restrictions, the class got off to a good start with great weather and everything running smoothly.

The freshmen have three more days of orientation, juniors and seniors return on Sept. 1, and fall classes begin on Sept. 2.

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