Assistant to the College Chaplain

Position Description:
The primary responsibility of the position is to support the Chaplaincy office in guiding the moral and religious training program on the Williamson campus. The Assistant Chaplain will assist in the primary vehicle of presenting faith and spiritual values in the daily nondenominational chapel service from a Judeo – Christian foundation. The Assistant Chaplain, in coordination with the Chaplain and other college departments, will oversee evening and weekend opportunities for student’s spiritual development. This position will be instrumental in inviting students into a life of Christian discipleship while also providing mentorship to future leaders through exemplifying Williamson’s five core values of faith, integrity, diligence, excellence, and service. This is accomplished through relational, contextual life-on-life outreach and discipleship, organizing Bible studies, hosting hospitality conversation at the Guild House, speaking in the chapel service and developing outreach events.

The Williamson Chaplain coordinates supervision efforts to establish and assess ministry objectives and performance evaluation.

Works in Collaboration with:
Williamson staff

• Reside at the Guild house apartment and be engaged in the life of the students during the evening hours and weekends.
• Reach out to all students, building trust through relationship and actively inviting those students to discuss matters of faith.
• Support the Chapel program through attendance twice a week and delivering a message regularly.
• Engage students over the weekends, by planning outings, activities and opportunity for Sunday worship.
• Participation in FYE (First Year Experience) at the start of the year.
• Disciple students through life-on-life mentorship, hospitality gatherings, weekly Bible study, and fellowship.
• Participate in all Williamson Faculty/Staff Professional Development events (e.g. In-Service activities).

Lifestyle Commitments:
• Engage in continuing education opportunities for professional and personal growth.
• Personal conduct in compliance with the Williamson Employee handbook.
• Given the responsibilities of the position, campus residency, which is provided, is required.

• Health, Dental, and Vision

Application Procedure:
Please send cover letter and resume to (email preferred):

Rev. Mark A. Specht
Chaplain / Counselor
Williamson College of the Trades
106 S. New Middletown Road
Media, PA 19063

Resume submissions will remain open through the close of business on 7/8/20. Interviews of the top candidates will occur 7/16/20 – 7/22/20, with a selection date of 7/24/20.

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