Honor Isaiah Williamson’s legacy on February 3

Join us on Isaiah Williamson’s birthday by honoring his legacy!
Monday, February 3, 2020

We want to thank you for supporting Williamson College of the Trades. Your passion for helping qualified young men become respected leaders and productive members of society has truly made a difference.

In an effort to further boost our mission and increase our overall contribution to our students, we’re celebrating Isaiah Williamson’s birthday by honoring his legacy of helping young and deserving men.

On February 3, 2020, we will be having a 24-hour birthday celebration to honor Isaiah. Our goals during these 24 hours are to raise $2,400 AND welcome 24 first-time donors.

You’re invited to help us reach our goal. Here are a few ways that you can help:
1. Set a reminder in your calendar to donate on February 3, 2020.
2. Spread the word about our celebration. Forward this email to your contacts. Tell your family and friends.
3. Post/Share Williamson’s Giving Day celebration on social media (tag @williamsontrade and include #WCTGivingDay).
4. Make a gift of your own in support of our mission!. . . MAKE A GIFT

Mark the date in your calendar!
Williamson Giving Day is February 3, 2020.
Let’s make Isaiah’s 217th birthday the best one yet!!

Tell your friends! Forward this message! Share it on social media! Help spread the word about #WCTGivingDay. Connect with us on social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

 What’s the impact of giving?. . .

“Through Williamson’s Career Fair I was able to get a summer internship with CBG Building Company. I worked in Washington, D.C. on a large multi-family apartment complex. It was exciting to be able to take what I had learned over the past year at Williamson, and put it to use in the field. By supporting, you have helped me to get a strong foundation in a growing trade. Had I not attended Williamson, I do not think I would be as confident in my skills and knowledge as I am today.”

~Jared R. Dallmann 2W0 – Carpentry

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