Board of Trustees’ decision following Trade Program Assessment

Since its inception, Williamson College of the Trades has been committed to providing trade programs that meet the needs of the young men it serves. As part of that commitment, two years ago the college embarked on a comprehensive assessment of our current trade programs. An overview of the extensive data collected by the college was reviewed in a Town Hall meeting by Board Chairman Bill Bonenberger 7W9 and College President Michael Rounds on Tuesday, January 14. (A recording of the Town Hall meeting can be found on the college’s website.)

For many months, a Board of Trustees committee has been reviewing the data as it has been collected; on Tuesday, January 21, after the entire board carefully reviewed and discussed the assessment data, they determined to discontinue the Paint & Coatings Technology (PCT) program. While no freshmen will be brought into the PCT program this fall, all currently enrolled students will continue their education until they graduate. The board also directed the administration to pursue a new program in Electrical Construction Technology, with a goal of initiating enrollment by the Fall of 2022.

Concluding an entire trade program is a decision of the utmost gravity, and has only been done rarely by the college in the past. Yet the assessment process – a close examination of objective data related to each of the college’s trade programs – is one to which the college must be committed, to ensure both its continued success in an increasingly competitive educational landscape and that the college remains true to its mission. Ultimately, the college must maintain a singular focus on our students and providing the best opportunity for their success.

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