Williamson Receives Grant for Historical Preservation

Williamson has received a $100,000 Keystone Preservation Construction grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC).

The funds will pay for the restoration of windows in Rowan Hall, the building constructed in 1891 and designed by noted Philadelphia Victorian era architect Frank Furness.

State Rep. Chris Quinn (R-168th District) helped champion the grant request by submitting a letter of support to PHMC on behalf of Williamson.

“I was happy to advocate on behalf of Williamson College of the Trades, which boasts the largest existing collection of 19th century Philadelphia architect Frank Furness’ work,” said Quinn. “There are 11 buildings on the campus that he designed; however, the upkeep on buildings that are 130 years old creates many challenges. This grant money will help with the replacement of the original windows in one of the buildings.”

The project will involve removal of the existing windows; replacing them with new, period-correct windows; replacing rotting wood surrounding the windows on the interior and exterior; painting the trim in the original colors; repairing and repointing the surrounding masonry; and insulating and flashing the windows.

Blackney Hayes Architects, the architectural firm of Kevin Blackney 7W6, AIA, founding partner of the firm, is working closely with Williamson staff to ensure that the historical integrity of Rowan Hall is maintained.

Keystone Historic Preservation Grants provide funding to support projects that identify, preserve, promote, and protect historic and archaeological resources in Pennsylvania for the benefit of the public and the revitalization of communities.

These grants receive funding from the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund, a fund that is supported annually from a portion of the state realty tax revenue.

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