6W9 Class Reconnects at 50th Anniversary

The Class of 6W9 had many highlights Alumni Weekend as they celebrated their 50th anniversary of graduating from Williamson, including the presentation of their class gift of $83,826, marching in the Commencement processional, and being among the honored guests at the President’s Breakfast on Alumni Day.

Their celebration began Friday, May 31, marching in gold robes so they would stand out in the Commencement processional for the graduation of the Class of 1W9 and then standing for a round of applause as President Michael Rounds recognized them from the podium. Class member Bruce Everett gave the invocation.

That evening, the class held their 50th reunion at the Concord Country Club in West Chester. The evening began by renewing old friendships and getting caught up during a reception. President Michael and Mary Nell Rounds, Arlene Snyder, vice president for advancement, and members of the Advancement Office were on hand to interact with the classmates and their wives.

The program began with words of welcome by Phil Lock, the class’ president, followed by Rounds thanking the class for their support of Williamson and sharing some “fun facts” about each classmate who was present. Bruce Everett gave an update on the reunion gift to the school and then thanked his classmates for their generosity. A memoriam for fallen classmates was given by Jim Purnell and Charles Brown, wearing a kilt, played a tribute song. Phil Lock then recognized classmates who had served in the military and Brown played a tribute song. A dinner prayer and blessing was given by George Hagdorn.

Arlene Snyder thanked the class for their support of Williamson and wished them an enjoyable reunion.

At Alumni Day the next day, 6W9 class members were the guests of honor at the President’s Breakfast under the tent in front of Rowan Hall and were easily recognized by the 50th reunion medals they wore. 

That evening, at the Alumni Banquet, Charles Brown, Bruce Everett, George Hagdorn, Philip Lock, and James Purnell presented their class’ 50th anniversary gift of $83,826 to President Michael Rounds.

All class members agreed that it was great fun reconnecting with their old friends.

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