2nd Annual Scholarship Celebration Dinner Provides a Thank You to Sponsors

The benefactors who have provided endowed scholarships to Williamson students were recognized for their support and met with the scholars they are helping at the second annual Scholarship Celebration Dinner in the Rowan Hall dining room on April 4.

Keynote speaker Michael Piotrowicz, Williamson’s longest-serving trustee, said, “I’m here to say thank you on behalf of the trustees to the donors and to the scholars, you guys earned this. Without you, we don’t have anyone to invest in. It means a lot when someone sees what we are doing here and likes it.”

He added that Williamson’s long-term goal is to have an endowment that covers the full cost of offering a tuition-free education to the students. “As it is, we are $2 1/2 million short every year and have to raise that money. It takes a lot of money to remain a cutting edge school in every trade, to renovate the dorms, to take care of our historic campus, to pursue accreditation, and to do all the other things that need done. 

“It takes $500,000 to fully endow a Legacy Scholarship which provides one student with an education in perpetuity. We need 100 more to achieve our long-term goal.”

Piotrowicz announced that a new Legacy Society plaque is now hanging in the hall outside the chapel with the names of 16 Legacy Scholarship donors and quotes from two alumni explaining why they joined the Legacy Society — Mark DeWire 8W3 speaking on behalf of his late brother Scott DeWire 8W2 and Board Chairman William Bonenberger 7W9. A plaque statement says, “Members of the Legacy Society support Williamson’s mission by endowing a student scholarship in perpetuity. The Legacy Society sustains our founder’s vision for generations to come.”

During his address, Piotrowicz invited Wilbert “Will” Abele, a Legacy Scholar supporter, to explain why he supports Williamson in this manner.

Abele said, “I’m proud to be here this evening. It is easy for us to give to Williamson. I’ve known a lot of Williamson graduates and they went on to serve society. You donors are doing wonderful things. One day, you students will have a time to give back.”

In his introduction of Piotrowicz, President Michael Rounds said “Michael Piotrowicz is the longest serving board member and in that time he has made an impactful difference at Williamson. We can never thank he and his wife Pam enough.”

In his opening remarks, Dr. Samuel Wrightson, dean of education, said “Julius Caesar transformed Rome into a great city by crossing the Rubicon river. This lead to the phrase, ‘Crossing the Rubicon,’ which means an irreversible act. You students will cross your Rubicon when you walk across the commencement stage. Once you do that, you cannot undo the trade you learned and the values you had instilled in you. It is all positive and will help you develop your full potential. This could not happen without the generosity of those in this room. We need to show them how much they mean to the viability of Williamson.”

A video was shown featuring seven student scholarship recipients thanking their supporters and explaining how much their Williamson education means to them.

Chaplain Mark Specht 7W8 provided the invocation, benediction, and meal blessing.

At the conclusion of the program, everyone enjoyed a buffet prepared by Tim Burbage, director of food services, and his staff and served with student help.

2018-19 Named Scholarships: Donors & Scholars

Wilbert D. “Will” and Joan J. Abele

The Abele Family Legacy Scholarship

Isaac Eshenour 1W9, Machine Tool Technology


William J. 7W9 and Janet L. Bonenberger

The Bonenberger Family Legacy Scholarship

Wade H. Pegon 1W9, Masonry


The DeWire Family: Millie DeWire, Scott’s mother; Mark 8W3 and Georgia DeWire, Scott’s brother and sister-in-law; Dara DeWire, Scott’s sister

The Scott DeWire Legacy Scholarship

Gregory Beach 2W0, Carpentry; John Coleman 1W9, Machine Tool Technology


Melissa Helmbrecht, Executive Director, and Domenic Merendino, Director of Admissions and Academic Affairs

The Give Something Back Foundation Scholarship

All from the Class of 2W1, Paint and Coatings Technology – Mark Huston, Michael Miller, Damian Puglia, and Jordan Winston; Machine Tool Technology – Sean Grant, Connor Lloyd, and Jack Warner; Power Plant – Carson Jones


Charles W. and Elaine Huntoon

The Charles William “Chip” Huntoon Memorial Scholarship

(This scholarship is funded by Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Huntoon in memory of their son, “Chip” Huntoon.)

Hunter Thornton 2W0, Horticulture; Joseph Galbraith 2W0 Machine Tool Technology


Mrs. Mary Roberts (Robert Pellegrino’s Mother-In-Law)

The Pellegrino Scholarship in honor of Ian Murta 9W8

Bradley Jones 1W9, Power Plant Technology


Michael T. and Pamela K. Piotrowicz Piotrowicz

The Piotrowicz Family Legacy Scholarship 

Cody Bregande 1W9, Power Plant Technology


Betty J. Pettine, Vice President, Wells Fargo, and her husband Mr. Pettine

The  W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Scholarship Wells Fargo

 (Co-trustee of the W.W. Smith Charitable Trust)

James Moorhead 2W0, Paint


The Snider Foundation – Debi Ghate, Senior Director of Grant Strategy, and Dana Saraco, Grant Administrator

The Snider Foundation Scholarships

Caleb Hawkins 1W9, Horticulture; Giovanni Scalfaro 1W9, Construction Technology-Carpentry; James Carey 1W9, Power Plant Technology 


Sponsors not in attendance were:

The Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Scholarship

Joshua Baldinger 2W1, Machine Tool Technology


The Carpenter Technology Scholar

Anthony Ardito 2W0, Machine Tool Technology


The Crow Family Scholarships

Sean Steppke 2W0, Power Plant Technology; James Strickland 1W9, Machine Tool Technology 


The Henry Dunlap Fund Scholarships

Timothy MacFarland 2W0, Masonry; Jereimi S. Ortiz 1W9, Construction Technology-Carpentry; Brian Sanborn 2W0, Machine Tool Technology; Nick Rodriguez 1W9, Power Plant Technology


The Louis S. Fiske Memorial Fund Scholarships

Jereimi S. Ortiz 1W9, Construction Technology-Carpentry; Nick Rodriquez 1W9, Power Plant Technology; Brian Sanborn 2W0, Machine Tool Technology; Timothy MacFarland 2W0, Construction Technology-Masonry


The Maguire Foundation Scholarships

John Becker 2W1, Power Plant; Brian Ehly 2W0, Paint; Joseph Ehly 2W1, Power Plant; Dan Killion 1W9, Horticulture; Timothy MacFarland 2W0, Construction Technology-Masonry; Luke Myers 1W9, Construction Technology-Carpentry; Nick Rodriguez 1W9, Power Plant Technology; Matthew Saviski 2W0, Power Plant Technology


The Rowan Family Legacy Scholarship

Dino Karros 2W0, Power Plant Technology


The C.W. & Marjorie Schrenk Family Foundation Scholarship

Devin Fox 1W9, Construction Technology-Masonry


The Scott Simpson Legacy Scholarship

Joshua Johnson 2W0, Horticulture

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