Motivational Speaker Shares Insight with Students

The entire student body gained valuable insight to life during an inspiring talk by Gregory Offner Jr., a motivational speaker, trainer, coach, and character development expert during a recent Dean’s Hour.

In his talk, which was a part of Williamson’s emphasis on leadership development, he told the students that the number one thing they should take from his words is to “guard your mind ferociously because what you put into it determines who you will become. If you look for the negative, you will find it, so have gratitude.”

The founder of the Global Performance Institute, whose mission is to improve the health, wealth, and happiness of the human race, has taken his exceptional insight and powerful messages to hundreds of people in six countries.

Offner is a graduate of the Valley Forge Military Academy and West Chester University, where he studied philosophy and psychology. He began his professional life as part of an international sales team at Cintas and then worked in the insurance industry.

You can learn more about Offner at his website:

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