Winter Career Fair is Big Success!

The winter Career Fair in the Restall Sports Center was very successful with over 100 companies, universities, and the Pennsylvania Air National Guard represented, said Margaret “Weemie” Kingham, placement director and fair coordinator.

“There was a positive energy in the air and all of the trades were well represented; there was something for everyone. We had quite a few new companies, which is always nice, as well as many returning. The companies came from 19 states.”  

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For the first time, the floor was open to seniors only for the first 45 minutes so they could interact with company reps without having to compete with underclassmen.

Kingham said many of the seniors narrowed down their job searches and many underclassmen found internships.

She also said there were quite a few alumni in attendance, searching for full-time positions. “Alumni are always welcome at our Career Fairs. I encourage any alumnus who is looking to change jobs to attend them.”

There were also over 50 alumni representing their companies. “I think their bosses realize that the alumni really help sell their company to the students. This is also a great way for alumni to connect with Williamson.”

View more information about our career fairs, including the event booklet listing companies who participated.

Kingham said she was very happy that Board Chairman William Bonenberger 7W9, Board Vice Chairman Art Lallo 7W9, John Beaudry, former director of power plant technology, and Marie Watson, wife of the late Board Chairman Wayne Watson 4W8, were in attendance.

Mike Drummond, vice president of Harkings Builders in Columbia, MD, said “Williamson is a great school with even better students. Not sure why I was once again so impressed considering the great guys we have already hired from Williamson. Looking forward to bringing a few more of them into the Harkins family.””

Jeffrey Kolsky, CFO, of JDS Painting, said “We respect the dedication these boys are making to become men and recognize the unselfish sacrifices faculty are making on an everyday  basis. My wife sent me a text that stated, ‘Williamson is an opportunity of a lifetime very few are fortunate to receive.’ ”

Jason Brewster, district manager at California Boiler, said “We like Williamson students because we know they are used to doing the right thing. They have discipline, responsibility, and good character. There is a 25 percent washout rate of each class, so if a student lasts long enough to graduate, he must be good. If we interview someone off the street, it is hard to really know anything about him, but with a Williamson graduate, we already know he has many good traits.”

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