Power Plant Mechanic/Operator

General Summary:

Under supervision of Director of Power Plant, this 12-month staff position maintains and supervises the campus power plant to include but not limited to heating systems operations, with special responsibility for emergency service, power generation and the operation and maintenance of power plant equipment.

  • Ability to mentor, teach and work with peers on team projects or independently as the situation dictates.
  • Provide routine and emergency power plant services and repairs. Be part of staff to handle emergencies such as power failures or equipment malfunctions of power plant with the sharing of duty nights, weekends and holidays as directed in coordination with the Director of Power Plant.
  • Troubleshoot, supervise, and/or make repairs on gas and fuel pressure lines, boilers, pumps, compressors, motors, controllers, reducing station, heaters, heat exchangers and generators (diesel/gas). As part of maintenance and operations work be able to order parts and equipment as necessary from vendors
  • Supervise / make repairs to boiler work such as tube, header and brickwork, casing work and flue work.
  • Install and work on Boiler heating system equipment (steam traps, steam regulators, etc.), as required.
  • Supervise student involvement and skill development in practical operations, work assignments and school projects in the power plant to encourage successful and safe attainment of program qualifications.
  • Provide shop grade input on student operation and maintenance assignments to Director of Power Plant.
  • Supervise students in safe operations and maintenance utilizing all equipment and Distributed Control System (DCS) so that the most efficient energy consumption and management can be utilized. This includes generation for peak shaving and best use of resources for the most economical electrical and heating energy utilization including Thermal Storage.
  • Supervise and maintain records on Boiler Water and Feed Water (BW/FW) treatment, fuel oil, gas, BW/FW chemical consumption, water consumption, steam production and hot water loop temperatures.
  • Schedule and supervise external contractors on work related to plant operations and heating systems.
  • Maintain effective records for efficient operation and maintenance of the plant facilities
  • Inspect fuel tanks and schedule No. 2 oil and diesel fuel deliveries, as required.
  • Cooperate and work with State and other inspector’s, as required.
  • Schedule periodic Boiler and Turbine testing for students to learn Industrial Testing for acceptance and performance tests.
  • Participate in institutional professional development and training.
  • Perform other related duties in the Power Plant as assigned.

Qualifications (skills and abilities) Required:

  • High School diploma or a GED
  • 5 years of operations experience
  • Position is 12 month and classified as “essential personnel” which requires to being on call as coordinated with the Director of the Power Plant, to respond to operational or emergency situations.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of combustion and mechanical process equipment, process diagrams such as P&ID’s, and plant operations
  • Demonstrated strong communication skills in both written and oral form including following operating procedures and writing procedures, instructions and orders.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and on teams with minimal supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to utilize computer systems and software applications (i.e., Allen Bradley, Windows) and the capability to learn others such as Distributed Control System (DCS).
  • Demonstrated knowledge or ability to learn local, state and federal regulations (OSHA, EPA, RCRA, NRC, and DOT) as needed to support power plant operations.
  • Ability to climb ladders, wear PPE including respirators, hearing protection, and fall protection
  • Handle/move material and equipment in excess of 25lbs. (i.e. 55-gallon drums).
  • Able to work outdoors as needed to support operational or emergency situations.

The following are preferred:

  • Distributed Control system (DCS) experience
  • Boiler Maker – Black Seal License
  • Mechanical – Pipefitting and plumbing skills
  • Allen Bradley controller and Rockwell DCS experience
  • Caterpillar Generator Experience
  • High voltage electrical experience


Interested individuals may inquire by emailing a cover letter with resume to:

Scott Chilman
Director, Power Plant Technology Program

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