Williamson is Featured on “Our American Stories”

More and more of our country is learning of the great mission of Williamson College of the Trades and that number will soon increase as the nation listens to the radio program “Our American Stories.”

A 22-minute segment features President Michael Rounds explaining what Williamson is all about accompanied by several testimonials from recently graduated students and an enthusiastic host who obviously likes what we are doing here.

The program will air on 130 radio stations across the country and has an audience of 2 million listeners.

Click to Listen on the Our American Stories Website

Another segment with Board Chairman William Bonenberger 7W9 is in the works and that will be followed by several other segments featuring Williamson employees and alumni. Details to come!

From “Our American Stories” Website

“Our American Network is an innovation in the audio sphere. No politics, no opinions, just stories. We tell a story and the audience tells us their stories—LIVE, with raw emotional power. Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears. We hope you’ll join the campfire with our first show Our American Stories.”

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