Baker Concrete is Getting Involved With Williamson!

Baker Concrete Construction Inc., one of our nation’s leading concrete companies, has sent company representatives to the last three Career Fairs, the last one as a Chairman Sponsor, offering students full-time positions and internships, and is getting more interested all the time in Williamson.

Last summer the company hired a student for an internship in their Florida location. Following their company policy of developing students with the type of responsibility and skill it takes to succeed in the construction industry, they offered him the latest on-the-job training in addition to expanding classroom education and paid his living expenses for the summer.

A few weeks ago, Dan Baker, founder and CEO of Baker Concrete Construction, shared his formula for success with the students during a General Assembly in the Clara Schrenk Memorial Chapel.

Baker, who came from humble beginnings and went on to found his company, told the students that his company follows four principles: take care of your customers; do first class work and “if you mess up, make it right”; never ask a co-employee to do something that you wouldn’t do; and watch your costs.

He added that his company values people, honor, and grit. “Grit is discipline, tenacity, toughness, and durability. We look for grit when we hire people. That’s why I came here today; I knew I would find a lot of grit. Isaiah Williamson had grit.”

The number one thing that leads to success, he said, is a good work ethic. “Be the first person on the job and the last person to leave at the end of the day. Do first class quality work and figure out what your customer needs.”

A few days after his talk, the company sent two concrete finishers and two superintendents from their Washington, D.C. location, to work with masonry students pouring a large concrete pad behind Rowan Hall near the dumpsters.

The 42 yards of concrete and the crushed stone used were supplied by Baker Concrete as well as the tools. They also gave each student a hard hat, gloves, safety glasses, and vests to keep.

Peter Zwolak 0W7, director of construction technology-masonry, said “This was an excellent project for our students because I wanted them to get experience with a concrete project. We were very excited to work with Baker Concrete and are glad to be developing a relationship with them. I visited their Florida location last summer and I’m impressed with this company and their emphasis on safety and quality work.”

Baker Concrete Construction, now in its 50th year, is headquartered in Monroe, Ohio, and operates throughout the continental United States, Canada, and the Caribbean with seven offices and over 4,000 co-workers.

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