Importance of Streams Highlights Williamson’s Flower Show Exhibit

Don’t miss seeing Williamson’s award-winning exhibit in the Philadelphia Flower Show — “Would You Drink the Water?”

The exhibit won a PHS Gold Medal and the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association Trophy for showing the most effective use of plants and best use of design in the education category.

View highlights of the exhibit on Williamson’s Facebook page.

The exhibit educates the public on the importance of small streams to the environment and displays some of the best management practices for improving water and habitat quality in small streams.

Partnering with Williamson is Stroud Water Research Center, of Avondale, Chester County, a nonprofit that advances knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration.

The exhibit is horticulture instructor Chuck Feld’s 50th exhibit.

The exhibit is located in the Main Exhibition Hall and features a steam and shows how a forest buffer removes pollutants.

Exhibit funding came from the Hoxie Harrison Smith Foundation, the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Donations of graphic panels were provided by KC Signs, brochures were provided by Safeguard Business Systems, metal sculptures were provided by Eric Zandotti of Metalmorphose, educational materials were provided by Stroud Water Research Center, and children’s interactive materials were provided by Professional Duplicating. Plants were provided Octoraro Native Plant Nursery and Redbud Native Plant Nursery.

The show’s theme is “Wonders of Water” and runs everyday to Sunday, March 11, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, 12th and Arch Sts., Philadelphia. For more information visit

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