We’re Livestreaming Williamson Football!

In the past, living far from Williamson meant missing out on many school events. Now you can tune into what’s happening at your favorite trade school anywhere you can access the internet.

This is being made possible through LIVESTREAM, a service which allows us to broadcast an event as it takes place, while those interested watch it using any device that can connect to the web.

To date, several Williamson events have been livestreamed, including Commencement, the Watson Dorm Dedication on Alumni Day, Convocation, and a General Assembly in which an American soldier from World War II and a Holocaust survivor talked of their extraordinary experiences during the war.

Now, Mechanics football is coming to you via LIVESTREAM. Using the embedded player below you can watch two exciting football games as they take place at 1 PM, Saturday, Oct. 7, against Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, and at 1 PM, Saturday, Oct. 14, the Homecoming game against the Delaware Gamecocks. The games will also be simulcast on Williamson’s Facebook page.

Maybe this is a good excuse to hold a mini-reunion with some old friends in your home as you cheer on your favorite college football team!

Go Mechanics!

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