Holocaust Survivor and Soldier Speak to Students

The students received an important history lesson when a survivor of the Holocaust and an American soldier who liberated him spoke to the entire student body during an Assembly.

Ernie Gross, who is 92, told the audience of the horrors of World War II he and his family endured at the hands of the Nazis. And, Don Greenbaum, who is 88, told his stories of what it was like to be a young American soldier sent to fight in World War II. Greenbaum was in the unit that liberated Gross from Dachau concentration camp in April 1945 as he was standing in line waiting to be gassed.

The two met several years ago, became instant friends, and have been going around the country telling of the horrors of the Holocaust so that they are not forgotten.

Gross ended his talk by saying, “When I was liberated from Dachau I told myself I have to make ten people laugh every day. And I have done it.” He then asked the audience to tell his story over and over so that it is never forgotten.

View the event livestream recording below:

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