Rowan Hall Renovation Project is Underway

Another exciting construction project is currently taking place at Williamson College of the Trades — the renovation of Rowan Hall.

The project includes the expansion of the dining room, which will double in size to approximately 5,300 square feet. This will make it large enough to hold the entire student body and more. The lower level of the new dining room addition will be utilized as future flex space.

Other improvements include the addition of a new beverage center and salad bar which will be located in the center of the newly combined space. The existing serving line will be completely renovated and will receive new equipment. All of the tables and chairs will be new as well. The old hardwood floor will be replaced with new hardwood and new modern, efficient HVAC systems will be installed. Additionally, two new restrooms will be added in the hallway outside the Advancement office.

Rowan Hall’s main lobby and the east and west office wings will also receive new hardwood flooring that will match throughout and flow seamlessly into the dining room. Fire sprinkler coverage will also be expanded to include the entire dining room and common areas throughout the lower level and the first and second floors of Rowan Hall (George Dorm already has sprinklers).

The project was designed by Blackney Hayes Architects, the firm owned by Kevin Blackney 7W6. The general contractor is Wohlsen Construction. Brian Molineux 0W9, of Wohlsen,  is the site superintendent. Steve Cava 9W5, of W.B. Homes Inc., will serve as Williamson’s construction manager.

PLEASE NOTE: Work is now taking place inside the dining room, the exterior of the building’s west side, and the hallways on the first floor. Please do not go into the construction areas. Only authorized personnel are allowed in. Wohlsen Construction has very strict safety procedures that must be followed. We understand your curiosity, but safety must come first.

There is some inconvenience now, but when the renovation project is completed it will be enjoyed for years to come.

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