Energy Island Update – May 2017

The creation of Williamson’s Energy Island continues to move forward with some additions taking place soon and others in the near future. The upgrades include:

Solar Array

A Solar Array was installed on the roof of the Restall Sports Center with the help of power plant technology students during the winter, and will soon be in service after it is commissioned. The 372 panels will soon be creating 92 kW of power. The energy they produce will not only save on Williamson’s electrical bills, but will provide the students with additional education.

Condensing Turbine

A new Condensing Turbine, Generator, and Control Panel, have been purchased and are in storage in the power plant awaiting installation over the summer. This low pressure (15 psi) turbine will produce hot cooling water that will provide heat to the shops instead of using heat exchangers as we do now.

The Distributed Control System

In the near future, Williamson will get a Distributed Control System (DCS) which will bring more data into the control room for students to analyze and trend in a way that is similar to what industry uses, giving students valuable experience.

Thermal Storage System

Williamson is contracting with engineers at Miller-Remick LLC to design a Thermal Storage System for the condensing turbine.

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