122nd Alumni Banquet Highlights

The 122nd Alumni Banquet was held Saturday, June 3, at the Porch Restaurant at the Lamb Tavern in Springfield with Alumni Association president Bill Goodworth 8W2 acting as master of ceremonies. 

The evening began with a reception and dinner, and then Joe Diggins and Steve Nash, chairmen of the Class of 6W7’s fundraising committee, presented their class’ 50th anniversary gift, a large facsimile of a check for $64,610, to President Michael Rounds.

Next, Glen Tomlinson 7W5 announced that an Honorary Membership in the Alumni Association was being presented to Carmen Martella, Williamson’s director of machine tool technology for 31 years. The presentation had been planned months in advance and, tragically, Martella passed away the day before after an extended illness. Accepting the certificate on behalf of Martella, was his son, Carmen Jr., who gave a moving tribute to his father. Also on hand was Carmen Sr.’s brother Richard.

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Next, Goodworth and Tomlinson, on behalf of the Alumni Association, presented Andrew Miller, the Neumann University history instructor who wrote Williamson College of the Trades, a history book, with a certificate of thanks and a check for $500 out of appreciation. This was followed by Rounds, on behalf of Williamson College, presenting Miller with a framed copy of the painting by Nicholas Santoleri, “Winter Walk to Class” in appreciation for his writing the book.

Next, Board Chairman William Bonenberger 7W9 presented the C.W. Schrenk 4W9 Young Alumnus Award to Dustin Shadler 0W5 and the Isaiah V. Williamson Award to Trustee Richard Storm 6W2. 

Stacy Starr 6W8 then introduced the Distinguished Alumnus Award and Storm presented the award to Trustee John Barnes 8W4, and Edward Hatchigian 6W0 presented the award to Martin “Marty” Jeffers 7W6. 

Bonenberger, as chairman of the Alumnus of the Year Award Committee, then introduced the Alumnus of the Year Award, and Richard Dunlap 6W5, a committee member, presented the award to Rev. Mark Specht 7W7. A second Alumnus of the Year Award was going to be presented to the late Bruce Burrell 5W4 by his classmate H. Ronald Richardson, but because Burrell’s family was unable to attend the banquet, it was announced that the award would be presented to the family at the Class of 5W4’s biannual luncheon on Oct. 10 at the Shady Maple Restaurant in East Earle, Pa.

Ron Rinker 8W5, Nominating Committee chairman, then announced next year’s Association officers: James Simpson 1W2, president; Daniel Flood 8W1, 1st VP; Ryan Myers 9W6, 2nd VP; Phil Lock 6W9, treasurer; Ed Hatchigian 6W0, corresponding secretary; and John Brown 8W5, financial secretary. 

Goodworth then passed the presidential gavel to incoming president Simpson, who offered a few remarks. The evening closed with Russ Harvey and the Class of 6W7 leading everyone in singing the alma mater.

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