The following adjunct instructor positions need to be filled for the Fall Semester that starts on 21 August and ends on 21 December 2017. The classes are taught during the day.

Drafting/Sketching Instructor

DRFT 231 Mechanical Drafting I (1.5 credits) Machine shop students learn to draw sectional views, primary and secondary auxiliary views, and welding symbols. Students also become familiar with isometrics and other pictorial drawings.

Construction Technology Instructor

CTEC 141 Construction Documents (1.5 credits) Examines common construction documents used by owners/customers in calling for bids, awarding contracts, and eventually monitoring progress of on-going construction projects, including instructions to bidders, bid forms, general and supplementary conditions, and technical specifications. Assists students in learning to use project manuals supplied by architects, governmental agencies, and professional organizations covering such areas as bidding, contract execution, selection of materials, assignment of equipment, and installation instructions, as well as in gaining familiarity with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) standard forms and the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) index system.

CTEC 151 Structural Design I (1.5 credits) Offers instruction in the basic principles of forces in equilibrium, including forces and stresses, moments and reactions, bending, and shear and bending moments, plus properties of sections. Emphasizes using mathematical formulas to find simple solutions to everyday structural problems.

Blueprint Reading Instructor

BLPR 111 Mechanical Blueprint Reading (0.5 credit) Teaches Machine Shop students to read and understand various styles of mechanical drawings and blueprints and to interpret drawings in relation to basic information provided so that possible errors or omissions can be corrected before proceeding on work assignments. Develops ability to recognize standard graphic symbols dealing with machine threads, tolerance allowances, and the various styles of dimensioning used in the industry.

BLPR 113 Architectural Blueprint Reading (0.5 credit) Acquaints building trade students with the different styles of residential and commercial construction and the symbols used to represent various construction materials. Also offers additional practice in reading specifications and making cost estimates from blueprints.

BLPR 114 Structural Blueprint Reading (0.5 credit) Paint Shop students learn to read floor plans and elevation drawings of residential homes to calculate area to be painted or wallpapered. Also provides training in reading specifications to properly complete individual assignments.


Interested individuals may inquire by emailing a cover letter with resume to:

Dr. Samuel Wrightson
Vice President of Education