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It’s Official — Williamson is now Williamson College of the Trades!

During a Name Change Celebration on the lineup pad in front of the Main Building […]

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Three Williamson Students Make Top Ten At SkillsUSA Nationals!

Cody Palmer 1W6, a construction technology-masonry student, won a silver medal in the masonry competition […]

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Three Williamson Students Heading To SkillsUSA Nationals!

Three Williamson students are going for the gold at SkillsUSA’s 51st annual National Leadership and […]

Alumni Voice

“I got a lot out of my Williamson experience. I have friends I will always remember, memories I will never forget, a trade I will always have, and a family of alumni full of support that I am permanently embedded in.”
Michael Wagner 0W7, Masonry Shop
“I support Williamson because it continues to successfully execute its mission. In doing so, it provides young men a unique educational experience which teaches and encourages them to become leaders in the workplace and society.”
Robert A. Cramer 5W4, Retired Scott Paper Co. Manager
“Stop and think, where else in the USA is there another Williamson? It behooves every graduate to give what they can afford to continue the legacy of Williamson to help the men behind us to receive the gift of education as we did.”
Frank Cross 6W1, Sales Engineer
“It’s important that people can trust and count on you. I’ve seen classmates come to Williamson who drastically changed. They left with more integrity than they had when they came here. I believe the training at Williamson definitely helps.”
Matthew Tornabe 0W7, Horticulture

Williamson’s Commitments

CommunityWE BELIEVE all those associated with Williamson should be disciplined, honest, fair, confident, frugal, committed to excellence, and professionally skilled.

WE BELIEVE our work should manifest a spirit of unity and harmony, and that everyone should be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.

WE BELIEVE that a culturally diverse campus setting enhances the quality of training, education, and campus life.

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HeritageWE BELIEVE that healthy, able-bodied young men who have learned a good mechanical trade, and who are intellectually and emotionally prepared, honest, frugal, entrepreneurial, temperate, and industrious, are certain to succeed in life, and to become useful and respected members of society.

WE BELIEVE that Judeo-Christian ethics and values help to prepare graduates to be dependable, honest, and productive workers.

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CraftsmanshipWE BELIEVE that work should be done to the best of one’s ability, out of personal integrity. High expectations of achievement must never be compromised.

WE BELIEVE that work done to the best of one’s ability is honorable. Through work well done we are better able to serve one another.

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Supporting Williamson

  • Strengthening the endowment is our top fiscal priority, as it is the basis of Williamson’s long-term financial health and competitiveness.
  • The Williamson Fund is the financial support from alumni, friends, parents, and others that keeps the institution strong.
  • Campus renewal represents prudent efforts to enhance campus life and continue to provide extraordinary opportunities for Williamson students in and out of the classroom.
  • As a learning community, we seek to be equipped with up to date technology and services that support the study of trade and technical theory.
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Prospective Students

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